Make the keyboard not display in full screen if we are horizontal


One of the biggest problems of horizontal writing is that the keyboard always shows full screen, which makes the writing almost useless since we do not see what the other is writing, just as we do not see the images – this in case Is an instant messaging application, but it is the same in every application we run.

With Disable Fullscreen Keyboard, which is an Xposed module we can eliminate this “error” of Android so annoying. We just have to activate the module in Xposed, reboot the phone and it will be working.

How to install the module

Full screen keyboard before after

To do it is quite simple and just follow a few steps. Before, we recommend that you back up the system in case something goes wrong – anyway, if our phone does not boot after this, we can look at this little tutorial. Like any other module, to install it we must follow the usual procedure:

  • Download and install Disable Fullscreen Keyboard from the Xposed Installer repository.
  • Have installed and activated Xposed Framework.
  • Install the module and activate it from the downloaded list.
  • Reboot the device.

We recommend installing the module from the Play Store and not from the Xposed module store, so that you can always have the application updated. But we remind you that the fact that we install it from the Google store does not exempt you from having to be root or that you have to have Xposed Framework installed.

The module works on both the AOSP keyboard and Google, as well as Swype and Swiftkey Keyboard as we see in the main image of this entry. We also need to have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher to run this application, otherwise if it can not run.