Tips to earn free treasuries in Clash Royale

Clash Royale avid players who want to complete their collection of maps, have clever use of their treasuries. In this article you read 5 tips to earn free treasuries in Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale there are several ways to unlock treasure chests, which all have the same result: you deserve a box that can be opened after waiting a few hours, or unlock directly with gemstones.
Clash Royale earn free treasuries

Each box contains cards that you can add to your deck. Greeting cards get is not bad, because you can use it in Clash Royale to strengthen existing maps. As a rule, so the more boxes you have, the better you deck and the more you beat other players. A few good tips are therefore no luxury.

1. Time to unlock chests

This is the main rule to remember: Make sure you choose the right case at the right time. Golden coffins example take eight hours to be opened, so they can encourage better before you go to sleep. Once you wake up, you can open it once again and select a new one. During the day you can then focus on the silver that only last three hours. Because you can leave open only one box in Clash Royale same time, the strategic plan it is very important.

2. Collect every 24 hours ten crowns

The top of the overview screen Clash Royale you’ll see the Crown Chest. This box opens only if you manage to collect ten crowns, though this happy very easily. Every time you destroy a tower of an opponent, you get namely all a crown. Maximum you can earn so three crowns per bottle. Keep in mind that you can only open a Crown Chest per 24 hours.

3. Open free treasuries every four hours

Besides the Crown Chest is also a block where the free boxes in it. Every four hours here appears a box that you can open completely for free. This box can be up to two boxes at a time, so it is recommended that you open it here at least every eight hours. Fortunately, this has already happened in a few seconds: start Clash Royale, tap the block with ‘Free Chest’ and you can immediately begin to open.

4. Use only gems to unlock chests

The green gems you earn, you can use to buy new boxes. Handy if you want to quickly get a rare case, but it also fills one of your precious casket-places. Sensible is to use your gems to accelerate the opening of chests. Although you Clash Royale begins with a small supply of green stones via clash royale glitch, you will soon notice that you do not deserve so fast this long. So go frugal with it. A quick way to get some gems to earn the achievements in the game, which you can find at the rightmost tab.

5. The better you rank, the better the cards in the coffin

What Clash Royale does not let know that the rewards in cases related to your grade. The higher the arena is where you play and the level, the better the cards and rewards are appearing out of a coffin. Over time, you will then find that you always get better rewards, all you need for it to play a lot. And that is exactly what do the creators of this addictive game. Keep playing therefore seems to be the most valuable tip to as many boxes to play freely.

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Guide to creating the Clash Royale tournaments – Sneak Peek # 4

Clash Royale tournaments

First of all let’s say that the Clash Royale update will be released on January 4th. Now, we can continue with the latest Sneak Peek and it is that today it is about the Clash Royale tournaments. In addition we will use to make this Sneak Peek in a guide on the creation of the tournaments.

How to enter a tournament?

Just enter the new section of the tournaments we will see several things, but mainly we will have this:

  • It tells us to activate the geolocation. This is very good as this will give us tournaments close to our area, we can even go to events that are being held in gaming bars, etc. In the next capture you will see that it is deactivated and therefore they are in Chinese.
  • In the search engine we can search for the tag or the name that defines the tournament as in the clan search.
  • If we have the location placed in the list below and we will leave the nearest to our location and the details of it. If we click on it we will enter into the detail view of the tournament.

How to create a tournament in Clash Royale?

Next, we will review the steps to create a tournament.

  • If we click on the sword icon with the + we will enter the tournament creation screen.
  • Enter tournament data, name, description, etc.
  • We define whether we want password or not. If you are going to realize a tournament in your clan the logical thing is to put password so that no one else is but equally you prefer to do it open so that they know your clan, in fine, a lot of possibilities.
  • We added the duration of the tournament.
  • We indicate the preparation time.
  • We select the prize and the participants. This will define the cost of creating the tournament.

As we already indicated in some occasion to join is totally free but to create it not since they are the prizes of the winners.

Costs of creating a tournament in Clash Royale

For the doubts about the costs of creating the tournaments we leave you this table so cool that we have taken from the video of TheAlvaro845.

In the table you can see the cost ratio in gems by number of participants and the cards that are drawn.

I also want to make it clear that in big tournaments not only the winner receives a tournament chest, but usually the players from the top half of the participants will receive some gift.

You can click on the image to see it in large. Anyway, you should not worry much about the costs since in the end the people who will create tournaments will be youtubers, they will surely be made for EA Sports or they will come to create organizations or pages like ours.

Come on, the players will enter for free to play without a doubt and over will win prizes.

You can see the games of other players

Indeed, when we are inside a tournament we can see the games of other players who are participating in the same tournament. Remember that we can leave at any time a tournament and enter another. Another important thing to remember is that when we use the awesome clash royale hack tool to win a tournament there is a time before rejoining another, until the chest that we have won in the tournament is opened we can not participate in another, but we can accelerate its opening with gems.