How to use Siri to know who is calling you iPhone

The arrival of iOS 10 to Apple mobile devices has been a revolution, bringing not only stability and improvements in the new mobile operating system of Cupertino boys, but also the amount of details and options that includes in the experience for the user.

A small new iOS 10 that can be very useful when we are driving or at any other time we can not see comfortably or have access to the screen of our iPhone is the possibility that Siri tell you the name of the caller when we receive a telephone call.

Guide to activate the “Announce Calls” option of Siri

To activate this practical function we must only go to Settings and click on the phone option. From here, we will have to click on “Announce calls” and, at this point, choose from one of the available options.

You can choose between:

  • Always: Siri will always tell you the name of the caller, in any situation
  • Headphones and Car: Siri will say the name of the caller only when the iPhone is connected to the headset or the car handsfree system via Bluetooth
  • Headset Only: Siri will say the name of the caller only when the iPhone is connected to the headset
  • Never: the setting is off

Siri announces incoming calls on devices with iOS 10+

This feature is only available for iOS 10 and you can use it on all iPhone compatible with this version of iOS, it is a simple and practical trick with which we can know who is calling us long before being able to access the phone, We can save ourselves some surprise.

Remember that you can currently upgrade your iOS device to the version 10.1.1 that Apple made public for all users a few days ago and is valid for iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPod touch.

IPhone 7: compare your camera with a Price of 9000 €

If something is worth mentioning the users of iPhone 7 is its camera, although some are not happy with the mega pixel that includes its lens, its 12 mpx with optical image stabilization, an aperture of ƒ / 1.8 and a lens Six elements to make better photos and videos even in low light conditions have made it one of the most popular cameras on the market.

Difficult to distinguish between photos made with the iPhone 7 and the Leica M9-P

The technology advances very fast and there are several who wonder when the time will come when a camera on a smartphone outperforms existing DSLR cameras. It would be great to take the advanced technology of a digital camera on your iPhone, despite it is still early to reach that point, which we are not so misguided, as they have dared to make a comparison between the iPhone 7 and a Price camera 7 of 9,000 € to prove that this technology is very close to being reached.

It has been the famous photographer of foot Shin Noguchi that has published a pair of photos that represent the same subject, one taken with an iPhone 7 and the other with a Leica M9-P. For the uninitiated, it is a camera equipped with a 35 mm sensor, this is important, since the iPhone has a sensor of only 6 mm. Leica cameras also use much larger, more powerful and exclusive lenses with improved sharpness and image quality.

In theory, the distance between them must be enormous, although at first glance it is hard to distinguish with which camera each photograph was made.

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In this case we can say that the iPhone camera benefits in the middle distance, in addition the rain obscures the image and prevents us from realizing the pixels, in the case of the photo taken by Leica, this win in depth, wins in the Low light conditions offered by the landscape and improves the dynamic range. It can be said that what is captured by the sensor of iPhone 7 has nothing to envy to the larger sensors used by Leica.

The iPhone 7 camera very close to a digital camera

At this point, we can say that the image quality is beginning to be more than similar between different cameras. Smartphones are still a worse tool for photographers, as they are devoid of quick checks because they only have fast focus and automatic lenses, however from a technical point of view should not be underestimated the camera of the iPhone 7, as it counts With an excellent lens to do a great professional photographic work.

Folder Lock For iPhone – Run Record Documents in iPhone

iPhone is a pleasant, fashionable and modish device that provides you a higher joyous feeling much like the iPhone in your palm, anything can be done for you on the run! Usage of the iPhone is not simply a status mark in fact it includes many functionalities that truly attract you simultaneously. It really is a perfect combo of camera, mobile and laptop that produce your projects easier when you are on the run. Though it has many attractive features but anywhere they have some constraints too. For example, iPhone supports limited formats of documents and when you make an effort to operate a document which is not in the format that iPhone does support, iPhone would not allow you to perform that document.

Why don’t we take the exemplory case of a PDF data file here. Suppose you will need to read your present progress which is at PDF format on your iPhone when you are on the run. What could you do to learn it on your iPhone? You’ll definitely email yourself that PDF record and then read it from your iPhone’s inbox if you want to take action. But this isn’t a long lasting solution because iPhone basically retains a momentary copy and also you desire a everlasting duplicate on your iPhone that you can read when you are traveling.

To solve this problem and add some extra functionality in iPhone, we’ve Folder Lock for iPhone now. Folder Lock for iPhone works such as a magic. It generally does not only enable you to run virtually all formats of data in your iPhone but it will password protect them. You are able to transfer data files and documents that you want to learn on your iPhone from your personal computer to iPhone through Wi-Fi connectivity.

With Folder Lock for iPhone it can save you all sorts of Microsoft Phrase documents which include doc and docx platforms, Microsoft Excel data files including xls and xlsx types, web internet pages which include html and htm platforms, PowerPoint presentations including pptx and ppt platforms, word and wealthy content material records including txt and rtf forms and everything available types of video tutorial, audio tracks, and images.

With Folder Lock for iPhone, you can also download files immediately from the web to your iPhone and also have them ready for reading anytime you want. Folder Lock for iPhone has a particular categorization system that will automatically type data files and documents to their relevant category predicated on their format and expansion type. This program has pre-defined five categories particularly Documents, Pictures, Audios, Miscellaneous and videos. It only requires Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer files from your personal computer or MAC to your iPhone. Folder Lock for iPhone works in every 2.1 Operating-system variants and later iPhones and iPod Touch and may also work in iPad

Now put the restrictions of iPhone to an final end by making use of Folder Lock for iPhone. Run your important documents on the true way, no matter in what format they are simply. Excite yourself in the new way. Copy easily various different types of data to your iPhone and run them once you want.

IPhone 7 Tip: How to force the iPhone to restart?

Your iPhone 7 hangs after displaying the Apple logo, the smartphone screen is black or no longer responds to your touch? Whatever your case, restarting the smartphone can solve the problem as if nothing had happened. Find out here how to force the restart of the iPhone 7. The usual method to force a reboot of the iPhone has been modified on the iPhone 7.

And for good reason, the home button of the iPhone 7 is now tactile. So it is useless to press this button and the power / standby button to force a reboot of the iPhone, as was the case for previous generations of iPhone. IPhone 7: How to force a smartphone reboot? To force a reboot of the iPhone 7 press the on / standby button simultaneously and the volume down button.

Hold down these buttons for ten seconds until the Apple logo appears. If the iPhone 7 still does not respond or does not start, plug in the device and allow it to charge for up to one hour. If the iPhone 7 Gratuit manages to start but the screen remains blocked on the Apple logo, connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Once you have connected your device, restart the device again, again using the power and volume reduction button. Keep these buttons pressed even after the Apple logo appears. Wait for the restore mode window to appear, then select “Update” or “Restore” to unlock the situation.

United States: At 6 years, it circumvents the security of the Touch ID!

Sometimes a 6-year-old kid is smarter than an adult. Take the example of Ashlynd Howell. This 6-year-old girl took advantage of the fact that her mom slept on the couch to steal her iPhone and put her mother’s thumb on the Touch ID to unlock the smartphone in question. Once she had access to the contents of this iPhone, it was the happiness for Ashlynd because she ordered several articles on Pokemon theme on Amazon and all that cost the sum of 250 dollars, that is 239 euros.

When Bethany Howell resurfaced after her nap, she was surprised to see that she had lost 250 dollars (239 euros). She realized it after a series of 13 confirmations of orders. After a moment of reflection, Ashlynd’s mom realized that it was none other than her daughter who had passed these orders. Bethany was subsequently able to claim reimbursement for four of the total orders.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn was thrilled to tell her mom that she actually placed these orders alone as a big one and that’s not all, the six-year-old daughter was very happy and proud by telling her mom that All she had ordered was to arrive directly at the house. You might tell yourself that a biometric reader could protect you from identity theft without your knowledge, but you should never underestimate the spirit of a child. The evidence did not prevent this little girl from using her mother’s iPhone and placing orders for Pokemon items (such as a teen or an adult).

Rumors: Apple will instinate an iPhone 7s with two vertical photo sensors!

New reports from China indicate that Apple has made interesting decisions regarding its upcoming iPhone 2017 models. Although we do not know for sure how many Apple iPhone will be enthroned next year, the latest Information revealed that at month three of these model numbers: D20, D21 and D22 will likely be advertised as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus but the official name of the 3rd model that is supposed to be a high-end iPhone is still Unknown for the moment. Also, it seems that a medium sized iPhone 7s could be unveiled next year and this one should have a 5-inch screen.

This would be the 3rd version of an iPhone to be marketed in 2017, after rumors have mentioned that models of 4.7 and 5.5 inches would be in production phase. Internal sources working in Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan also claim that the 5-inch version will have specifications that will be similar to those of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The other interesting information indicates that a 5-inch iPhone will have two vertical photo sensors in the back; These will be arranged vertically, unlike the camera configuration of the iPhone 7 Plus which includes a horizontal configuration.

Unfortunately we do not know if there will be yes or no other two models and if the Win iPhone 7 and 7s Plus will have the same vertical arrangement with dual photo sensors.