How to enable the no-notification period in Windows 10


Something that not everyone knows is that we can silence the default notification center in Windows 10. The notification center is a new feature included in Windows 10 and shows us a history of notifications from our computer. Notifications are increasingly becoming more important and Microsoft had to give a solution to the height.

One of the biggest advantages of Windows 10, according to many users, is the notification center as if we were for example in a mobile operating system. The truth is that I personally do not see this at all an advantage, but a delay in many occasions. Notifications are fine, but not the notification center itself.

Mute notifications for a period of time

If we open the typical side menu of Windows 8 we will access a series of fast configurations that Microsoft has put there for our comfort. The period without notifications is one of those configurations, and just by clicking on the gray button will be all notifications silenced, which is when the button will change to a blue Windows.

If we make a long press – in case that we have touch screen – or right click – in case we have a conventional computer – we will be able to access the configuration menu of the configuration period. Here we have everything we can configure:

  • Get notifications from applications and other senders – the option that interests us
  • Show notifications on lock screen
  • Display incoming alarms, prompts and VoIP calls on the lock screen
  • Hide notifications if I duplicate my screen
  • Get tips, tricks and tips while using Windows

The option at hand right now is the first, which is the one that we have to activate / deactivate – it can be done from the same side menu typical of W8 -, but the other options are also very interesting and it would be well to take a look.