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IPhone 7: compare your camera with a Price of 9000 €

If something is worth mentioning the users of iPhone 7 is its camera, although some are not happy with the mega pixel that includes its lens, its 12 mpx with optical image stabilization, an aperture of ƒ / 1.8 and a lens Six elements to make better photos and videos even in low light conditions have made it one of the most popular cameras on the market.

Difficult to distinguish between photos made with the iPhone 7 and the Leica M9-P

The technology advances very fast and there are several who wonder when the time will come when a camera on a smartphone outperforms existing DSLR cameras. It would be great to take the advanced technology of a digital camera on your iPhone, despite it is still early to reach that point, which we are not so misguided, as they have dared to make a comparison between the iPhone 7 and a Price camera 7 of 9,000 € to prove that this technology is very close to being reached.

It has been the famous photographer of foot Shin Noguchi that has published a pair of photos that represent the same subject, one taken with an iPhone 7 and the other with a Leica M9-P. For the uninitiated, it is a camera equipped with a 35 mm sensor, this is important, since the iPhone has a sensor of only 6 mm. Leica cameras also use much larger, more powerful and exclusive lenses with improved sharpness and image quality.

In theory, the distance between them must be enormous, although at first glance it is hard to distinguish with which camera each photograph was made.

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In this case we can say that the iPhone camera benefits in the middle distance, in addition the rain obscures the image and prevents us from realizing the pixels, in the case of the photo taken by Leica, this win in depth, wins in the Low light conditions offered by the landscape and improves the dynamic range. It can be said that what is captured by the sensor of iPhone 7 has nothing to envy to the larger sensors used by Leica.

The iPhone 7 camera very close to a digital camera

At this point, we can say that the image quality is beginning to be more than similar between different cameras. Smartphones are still a worse tool for photographers, as they are devoid of quick checks because they only have fast focus and automatic lenses, however from a technical point of view should not be underestimated the camera of the iPhone 7, as it counts With an excellent lens to do a great professional photographic work.

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