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IPhone 7 Tip: How to force the iPhone to restart?

Your iPhone 7 hangs after displaying the Apple logo, the smartphone screen is black or no longer responds to your touch? Whatever your case, restarting the smartphone can solve the problem as if nothing had happened. Find out here how to force the restart of the iPhone 7. The usual method to force a reboot of the iPhone has been modified on the iPhone 7.

And for good reason, the home button of the iPhone 7 is now tactile. So it is useless to press this button and the power / standby button to force a reboot of the iPhone, as was the case for previous generations of iPhone. IPhone 7: How to force a smartphone reboot? To force a reboot of the iPhone 7 press the on / standby button simultaneously and the volume down button.

Hold down these buttons for ten seconds until the Apple logo appears. If the iPhone 7 still does not respond or does not start, plug in the device and allow it to charge for up to one hour. If the iPhone 7 Gratuit manages to start but the screen remains blocked on the Apple logo, connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Once you have connected your device, restart the device again, again using the power and volume reduction button. Keep these buttons pressed even after the Apple logo appears. Wait for the restore mode window to appear, then select “Update” or “Restore” to unlock the situation.

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