Make the keyboard not display in full screen if we are horizontal


One of the biggest problems of horizontal writing is that the keyboard always shows full screen, which makes the writing almost useless since we do not see what the other is writing, just as we do not see the images – this in case Is an instant messaging application, but it is the same in every application we run.

With Disable Fullscreen Keyboard, which is an Xposed module we can eliminate this “error” of Android so annoying. We just have to activate the module in Xposed, reboot the phone and it will be working.

How to install the module

Full screen keyboard before after

To do it is quite simple and just follow a few steps. Before, we recommend that you back up the system in case something goes wrong – anyway, if our phone does not boot after this, we can look at this little tutorial. Like any other module, to install it we must follow the usual procedure:

  • Download and install Disable Fullscreen Keyboard from the Xposed Installer repository.
  • Have installed and activated Xposed Framework.
  • Install the module and activate it from the downloaded list.
  • Reboot the device.

We recommend installing the module from the Play Store and not from the Xposed module store, so that you can always have the application updated. But we remind you that the fact that we install it from the Google store does not exempt you from having to be root or that you have to have Xposed Framework installed.

The module works on both the AOSP keyboard and Google, as well as Swype and Swiftkey Keyboard as we see in the main image of this entry. We also need to have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher to run this application, otherwise if it can not run.

MovieStarPlanet Tips – Did you feel a VIP?


While you possibly know I am on MSP Judge (whole of 1 year VIP). I am frequently requested, ” did you feel a VIP? Or even the issue “just how long achieved it take before you got your VIP?”. MSP’ers request a lot of me, ‘Is VIP are worth the cash? Could it be enjoyable to be always a VIP? And ” when you are a VIP? What all modifications “.
Today I still possess a website appears like it’d be enjoyable to answer these concerns and supply details about VIP account on MSP. Therefore, here we go.

How will you purchase VIP and just how long is there obtained for the VIP? You can purchase VIP together with your cell phone, for instance having a paysafecard or in lots of various ways, actually your parents VIP pay using their bank cards. Together with your mobile phone you cannot purchase several month therefore Iam not just a method that is really handy – I’ve purchased a VIP paysafecard to myself. Paysafecard you need to do purchase, they’ve sadly they taken off the shelves but Plus or stores like eg the Trekpleister Kruidvat you are able to buy them for the most part shops. Should you eg 50 – have to consider only 50 – return you and take part in real cash. This signal you utilize only for that and can enter should you spend with paysafecard 50 – you spend twelve months VIP, that you subsequently have.

I would recommend everybody since this really is really handy and simple to pay for with paysafecard.
Whatsoever that you ought to simply observe on your own, although you may also select which cost process you utilize, so far as I understand all of them function. On Facebook and also the web you’ll find several MSP hacks, however they all have nearly a type of lock, you’ve to complete projects (That cash / credit expenses) to gather it in the position. Several MSP’ers also produce websites for free starcoins / VIP where you have to enter your code. This type of person all hackers who sign in for your requirements! Not too gloomy. VIP or free starcoins aren’t. However. Plus they are there you can certainly undoubtedly locate them on my website.

VIP you soon after the cost, MSP must just information frequently prepared therefore it may – should you choose not uitlogt- take about 5 minutes to really get your VIP + obtained the present. When you have lots of impatience when I may simply sign in again. You then don’t need to delay ^^
Perhaps you have waited login / five minutes, however, you still haven’t obtained your VIP? You then require since then anything went wrong your parents if you should be 16+, please display contact MSP.

Why do I’ve to be always a VIP:

* you could have lots of buddies:
Also you also have love records inside your films, artbooks and several friends have now been helpful, since that’ll have more publicity, appears etc. Downside: You might be slower there.

* You’ve use of the VIP chatroom:
It’s peaceful within the VIP chat-room so if somebody makes a diarit have several starcoins. Moreover, it’s not really a very specific benefit. Disadvantage: Today actually low-Royals within the VIP funnel on the telephones.

* You may in the place of 6 buddies have 12 buddies inside your film:
When you have buddies inside your films do they are doing frequently you within their films that you generate lots of popularity, etc. It’s also helpful if you should be currently focusing on bigger, longer films by which 12 stars are actually required.

* You are able to change the colour of one’s font over:
Your account experiences a-tan abandon you more come forward in forums, films etc. Downside and look more pleasant: you will find several shades; you are able to alter they are not usually matched by the colors together with your search. It is also not necessarily very helpful.

VIP provides lots of further starcoins and bonuses and diamonds along side it. Based on which VIP account you receive popularity and some everyday starcoins. I get 2 diamonds daily and forty star coins per day: VIP celebrity. You conserve and can should you bonuses and everyday sc slip to help you have spared several following a week: excellent advantage.

* You’re planning level that is even more quickly up:
Together with your MSP VIP Hack account you frequently get free sc and slides etc. By outsourcing this provides you lots of prizes that you simply provide a lot and plenty of popularity: Popularity additionally from the enhancement etc etc proceed up even more quickly level. Downside: A game is usually more enjoyable if you have to complete it for.

* Be VIP garments, musics wallpapers to purchase inside your space:
Maybe this is actually the major reason to purchase VIP: You makeup greater appear with VIP garments with VIP you can purchase them. VIP clothing is usually a cheaper than low-VIP apparel.

* you are able to enhance your artbook VIP:
If you should be a VIP utilization of the VIP arrangements and skills etc for the artbooks it is possible to. This enables one to observe frequently they also have more love records and artbooks better. Downside: The arrangements really are not really unique and a bit understated.

How to enable the no-notification period in Windows 10


Something that not everyone knows is that we can silence the default notification center in Windows 10. The notification center is a new feature included in Windows 10 and shows us a history of notifications from our computer. Notifications are increasingly becoming more important and Microsoft had to give a solution to the height.

One of the biggest advantages of Windows 10, according to many users, is the notification center as if we were for example in a mobile operating system. The truth is that I personally do not see this at all an advantage, but a delay in many occasions. Notifications are fine, but not the notification center itself.

Mute notifications for a period of time

If we open the typical side menu of Windows 8 we will access a series of fast configurations that Microsoft has put there for our comfort. The period without notifications is one of those configurations, and just by clicking on the gray button will be all notifications silenced, which is when the button will change to a blue Windows.

If we make a long press – in case that we have touch screen – or right click – in case we have a conventional computer – we will be able to access the configuration menu of the configuration period. Here we have everything we can configure:

  • Get notifications from applications and other senders – the option that interests us
  • Show notifications on lock screen
  • Display incoming alarms, prompts and VoIP calls on the lock screen
  • Hide notifications if I duplicate my screen
  • Get tips, tricks and tips while using Windows

The option at hand right now is the first, which is the one that we have to activate / deactivate – it can be done from the same side menu typical of W8 -, but the other options are also very interesting and it would be well to take a look.

Guide to creating the Clash Royale tournaments – Sneak Peek # 4

Clash Royale tournaments

First of all let’s say that the Clash Royale update will be released on January 4th. Now, we can continue with the latest Sneak Peek and it is that today it is about the Clash Royale tournaments. In addition we will use to make this Sneak Peek in a guide on the creation of the tournaments.

How to enter a tournament?

Just enter the new section of the tournaments we will see several things, but mainly we will have this:

  • It tells us to activate the geolocation. This is very good as this will give us tournaments close to our area, we can even go to events that are being held in gaming bars, etc. In the next capture you will see that it is deactivated and therefore they are in Chinese.
  • In the search engine we can search for the tag or the name that defines the tournament as in the clan search.
  • If we have the location placed in the list below and we will leave the nearest to our location and the details of it. If we click on it we will enter into the detail view of the tournament.

How to create a tournament in Clash Royale?

Next, we will review the steps to create a tournament.

  • If we click on the sword icon with the + we will enter the tournament creation screen.
  • Enter tournament data, name, description, etc.
  • We define whether we want password or not. If you are going to realize a tournament in your clan the logical thing is to put password so that no one else is but equally you prefer to do it open so that they know your clan, in fine, a lot of possibilities.
  • We added the duration of the tournament.
  • We indicate the preparation time.
  • We select the prize and the participants. This will define the cost of creating the tournament.

As we already indicated in some occasion to join is totally free but to create it not since they are the prizes of the winners.

Costs of creating a tournament in Clash Royale

For the doubts about the costs of creating the tournaments we leave you this table so cool that we have taken from the video of TheAlvaro845.

In the table you can see the cost ratio in gems by number of participants and the cards that are drawn.

I also want to make it clear that in big tournaments not only the winner receives a tournament chest, but usually the players from the top half of the participants will receive some gift.

You can click on the image to see it in large. Anyway, you should not worry much about the costs since in the end the people who will create tournaments will be youtubers, they will surely be made for EA Sports or they will come to create organizations or pages like ours.

Come on, the players will enter for free to play without a doubt and over will win prizes.

You can see the games of other players

Indeed, when we are inside a tournament we can see the games of other players who are participating in the same tournament. Remember that we can leave at any time a tournament and enter another. Another important thing to remember is that when we use the awesome clash royale hack tool to win a tournament there is a time before rejoining another, until the chest that we have won in the tournament is opened we can not participate in another, but we can accelerate its opening with gems.

Ways to Maintain Disk Room Free on Your Windows System

Windows computer system systems go over devices when it involves getting rid of daily job however the fly in the lotion shows up to be the scenario when your system lacked disk room memory. This disk room scarcity could occur because of numerous factors that include littered as well as messy information on your system. When it is over inhabited, your disk area could create several problems to your system. You could comply with particular actions to handle this scenario. Allow’s talk about a couple of actions to maintain your system’s disk room without messy and also messy information.

Utilize a Disk Cleanup device: This is an efficient device to cleanse your hard disk drive easily. Utilize this device to maximize adequate room on your system making it run smoother. To do so:

  1. Open the Start switch as well as Run “Disk Cleanup” as well as choose it from the listing.
  2. When motivated choose the drive you desire to tidy and also press OK, ·.
  3. Select the check boxes to select the documents kinds you intend to push and also erase OK.
  4. Select Previous Windows Installation(s) check box to eliminate information from any kind of previous installment of Windows.
  5. Now return to the Computer in File Explorer and also pick the drive which you have actually cleaned up and also Refresh.

Uninstall desktop computer programs you do not utilize: Use this attribute to uninstall all those programs as well as applications you no more demand or usage. To uninstall desktop computer applications, most likely to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Features as well as programs > Uninstall a Program. When triggered pick the applications or programs you do not desire anymore.

Specific programs consist of a choice to transform or fix the program itself along with uninstalling it. To transform a program, click Change or Repair choice.

Archive or erase unneeded data: Your system shops great deal of extra and also unneeded documents as well as programs which obtain accumulated gradually. This built up information consists of short-lived documents, old information documents, extra data and also programs, replicate documents and also whole lot various other unneeded information. This information not just inhabits priceless disk area however it influences system rate as well as efficiency. Attempt to erase unneeded information from your system or take back-up on exterior drives.

Back-up information on the Cloud: Cloud solutions supply a large range of alternatives to take back-up of your crucial information on Cloud web servers. By doing this you could save your crucial information on these web servers and also could accessibility and also recover it anytime anywhere. Utilizing this choice, you could save some disk area for various other crucial information.

Include much more storage space: This comes as a longer-term remedy for your disk room concerns. Attempt to broaden your system’s disk storage space ability by utilizing detachable drives like SD Cards, USB, DVDs, CDs and so on or attempt SSD or bigger hard drives. It could confirm little bit more expensive to use.

Adhering to these basic actions, you could discover a remedy for a great deal of your disk area concerns. By doing this you could not just recoup a great deal of disk area however it will certainly boost your system rate and also efficiency.

There are particular methods offered to maximize disk room on your Windows system. One reliable method is to utilize replicate documents finder devices to recuperate priceless storage room.

When Doing Fiber Optic Cleaning, locations To Focus On

Fiber optic wires are extremely delicate and also you should cleanse them appropriately to maintain them functioning efficiently for long. Cleaning up the wires correctly likewise adds to a lengthy life expectancy. For you to appropriately cleanse your fiber optic cable televisions you have to concentrate on particular locations. These locations consist of:


Understood as bulkheads, they are normally attached to adapters. Inappropriate cleansing of the adapters would certainly cause the failing of the fiber optic wires to function as effectively as they should. Prior to you start the cleansing procedure you ought to examine the adapters making use of the fiberscope of your selection. Tidy the cords making use of the completely dry cleansing approach if you locate pollutants. You must evaluate the adapter once again as well as if still unclean, retry cleansing it making use of the completely dry cleansing approach. You ought to examine it once more and also if still unclean, attempt cleansing it utilizing the damp cleansing technique. Professionals discourage cleansing your optic cord utilizing the damp cleansing approach as it normally causes harm to your cord. Just make use of the damp approach after the completely dry technique has actually stopped working.

To stop the ports from obtaining unclean you should safeguard them from dust. Throughout the cleansing procedure, you ought to never ever permit the ports to obtain right into call with the cleansing surface areas The ports normally have plugs as well as dirt caps that secure them from dust. When the adapters typically aren’t in usage, you need to maintain these devices in location. Along with doing this stopping dust from getting involved in call with the cable televisions, it likewise shields the cords from damages.

Job surface areas.

To prevent polluting the fiber optic wires, you must maintain the job surface areas as tidy as feasible. Similar to with the wires, you ought to cleanse the surface areas utilizing the completely dry cleansing technique. You ought to utilize the damp cleansing technique as the last hope. This is to reduce the danger of infecting your optic cords because of the visibility of excess alcohol externally. Along with maintaining your functioning surface areas tidy you must additionally maintain them arranged. You ought to utilize resealable containers to maintain every one of your cleansing devices and also finish caps.


When you are cleansing your optic cords, these are the locations that you ought to pay interest to. When you are checking the cable televisions for dust bear in mind to shut off the laser resources to avoid destructive your eyes. Make certain that the cable television is separated at both ends prior to you do the evaluation.

We have all the devices you have to take on Fiber optic cleansing. We have One Click Cleaner as well as numerous others. Go to the provided connect to understand much more.

Having Computer system Abilities Is Not a Selection: It Is a Requirement

Human way of life, with the innovation of contemporary people, has actually ended up being progressively depending on having computer system abilities. Today, if we consider innovation in every facet of our daily life, lack of knowledge in standard in addition to certain technological abilities is actual trouble. In order to equal the quick expanding demands of modern-day times, it has actually come to be necessary to have a selection of computer system abilities. Trainees are anticipated to have computer system abilities practically from the start of their education and learning.

Whether you are a novice in learning computer system abilities or currently have some abilities, there is constantly area for enhancement. One great strategy is to assess your present ability degree by taking among the complimentary examinations readily available that action computer system abilities. One is also given on this website.

Today, Computer learning is obligatory

To specify it merely, there is no option to utilizing PCs at any kind of workplace today. As time passes, there is a higher as well as better presumption that individuals have fundamental computer system abilities when they turn up to a brand-new company for job. It could certainly hold you back if you do not have a specific minimal degree of computer system proficiency. Do not take that possibility – enlist in a computer system proficiency program immediately. And after that progress your ability as well as expertise degrees by taking a lot more programs whenever feasible. Long-lasting Learning is your ideal technique for staying up to date with the needs these days’s work environment.

Different training courses provided on the topic

COMPUTER mentoring facilities and also training programs are no shock to any individual. The present generation has actually involved anticipate numerous kinds of computer system learning. Continuous direction becomes part of the standard in today’s office. Because of this, this website supplies a selection of innovative and also standard training programs associated with computer system abilities.

On the internet programs

Range learning using on-line programs has actually come to be one of the most effective as well as reliable approach for enhancing computer system abilities. Trainees could operate at their very own rate and also attain high degrees of efficiency in other words time periods. These high degrees of effectiveness could bring about high degree job jobs as well as settings. Also accreditation in sophisticated shows is feasible via on-line range learning programs.

Short-term training course job

Pupils could concentrate on long-term learning objectives such as accreditations as well as levels or they could concentrate on short-term objectives such as computer system proficiency and also beginning information access. The terrific aspect of on-line range learning is that it could please either or both of these objectives. When they desire to discover, it is all up to the trainee to choose exactly how much as well as. The chances to be successful in the office by creating computer system abilities are superb as well as are restricted just by the dedication of the student. Numerous short-term objectives could develop into long-term tasks as learning phases are finished.

Kylie Moore has considerable experience training labor force workers in the ability locations required for today’s office. Formerly a Human Resources Director along with an university teacher and also a Director of Faculty, Dave has actually shown over 30,000 pupils in computer system abilities advancement.

Straightforward Cleansing To Lengthen The Life Of Your Tablet computer Or Tool

Expectancy is one point that rollovers from the holiday. It’s in the air on Christmas Eve as well as remains right into the New Year. As the last notes of Old Lang Synge disappear, we remove the Christmas designs and also get ready forever after January 1st. The vacations could have reoccured, yet there’s still enjoyable to be had; specifically if you obtained a warm brand-new technology gadget over the vacations.

A Tale Worthy of a Belated Christmas Present

If your household’s anything like mine, the min there’s a brand-new stylish plaything to have fun with, everyone intends to attempt it out. My mama obtained a brand-new laptop computer this Christmas. Like clockwork, the gadget made the rounds at our joyful celebrations over the recently. Did I discuss I have 5 nieces?

Quick ahead to New Year’s Day, as well as my mommy’s as soon as excellent laptop computer contains:

· Sticky areas

· Smudges

· Dirt

· Fingerprints

The display looks satisfactory when it’s backlit, however as quickly as the power goes off, you could see the proof of all the grubby-fingered customers bound throughout the display. In an initiative to bring back the laptop computer’s initial radiance, I went on the internet to locate an option. I obtained greater than I anticipated.

A Lesson in Post-Holiday Tech Accessories

After a little research study I started trying to find an all-encompassing cleansing item. The amusing point is individuals constantly request for the most up to date iPod, iPad, laptop computer, or smart device, yet few receivers believe to request for useful devices to opt for them. I checked out:

· Solutions

· Cloths

· Static clings

· Aerosol sprays

Absolutely nothing fairly had the convenience as well as mobility that fit my mommy’s on-the-go way of living. It was then that I kept in mind seeing sticky display wipes at a meeting I would certainly participated in numerous months in the past. To my alleviation, I located numerous firms that use a complete line of display cleansing items.

They market presently products top quality:

· Sticky tidy sticker labels

· Microfiber towels

· Sticky display wipes

These silicone and also microfiber items are the present that goes on offering. The silicone attachment is residue-free and also the microfiber square eliminates particles, is cleanable, as well as multiple-use. I obtained my mother the traveling microfiber towels so she constantly has them accessible anywhere she goes.

Most importantly, the items and also product packaging (where appropriate) are adjustable when you order wholesale. Not just did my mother obtain the scratch-free immaculate tidy she required, she likewise uncovered an one-of-a-kind method to promote her local business.

You could adhere to in her steps. It is the New Year. Why not make a resolution to provide clients an item of deliberate advertising and marketing? They obtain the perfect elegance of a tidy display as well as you acquire a possible consumer. It’s a win-win.

Keep Your Specialist Picture By Cleansing Your Laptop computer Display

You stroll right into a coffeehouse or perhaps a meeting room for a crucial customer conference? You’ve been eagerly anticipating the conference for weeks. Your discussion is completely prepared. You have whatever you require, as well as the customer appears truly delighted regarding speaking to you. The intros go actually well as well as you take a seat to start your discussion, which you’ve prepared on your laptop computer. With wonderful expectancy, the customer views you open your laptop computer, just to see spots around the display. Finger prints, dust, crud … as well as is that a sprinkle of coffee from previously today? Right away your face reddens as you eye the customer. They look a little ashamed at the problem of your computer system display. If you had actually shown up with a tidy laptop computer display, this conference would certainly have gone much in different ways.

Stay clear of Embarrassment With A Clean Laptop Screen

That circumstance is quite humiliating, right? Nobody intends to be captured because kind of circumstance. Not just are you creating a prompt disturbance for your customer, that was truly delighted to watch your discussion a couple of mins earlier, however you’re additionally smearing your expert photo. The devices you utilize at your work ought to be as sleek as your firm’s photo, specifically in the eyes of your clients or customers.

Usage Microfiber Screen Cleaners For Cleaning Laptop Screens

Picture this situation unraveling a couple of various other means. What happens if you had a microfiber cleansing towel that you made use of appropriate prior to you left your workplace? When you came to the conference, your laptop computer would certainly currently remain in excellent problem, and also you would certainly prepare to offer your discussion. Or, probably you cleaned up the display right prior to you left, yet there were some dirt bits in your laptop computer bag. Your fingers left a couple of finger prints on the display when you opened your laptop computer. Due to the fact that you have your Screen Cleaner stuck to your laptop computer (with your business logo design on it, of training course), cleansing your display prior to you begin your discussion is basic. The customer is really pleased with your focus on information, along with your display cleaner.

Different coupon firms desire you to prevent those awkward circumstances. It’s crucial to constantly provide your customers with an expert picture. They microfiber traveling fabrics are fantastic for embeding your laptop computer bag to guarantee that your display is constantly presentation-ready. Due to the fact that they stick ideal to your laptop computer, sticky cleansing pads are a terrific device and also conveniently accessed. Microfiber is the most effective product for cleansing your laptop computer display. They’re soft as well as made with split-ended innovation, which is created with an adverse electrostatic fee. That suggests they bring in the dust and also gunk rather than simply pressing it about like cotton or various other products.