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Tips to earn free treasuries in Clash Royale

Clash Royale avid players who want to complete their collection of maps, have clever use of their treasuries. In this article you read 5 tips to earn free treasuries in Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale there are several ways to unlock treasure chests, which all have the same result: you deserve a box that can be opened after waiting a few hours, or unlock directly with gemstones.
Clash Royale earn free treasuries

Each box contains cards that you can add to your deck. Greeting cards get is not bad, because you can use it in Clash Royale to strengthen existing maps. As a rule, so the more boxes you have, the better you deck and the more you beat other players. A few good tips are therefore no luxury.

1. Time to unlock chests

This is the main rule to remember: Make sure you choose the right case at the right time. Golden coffins example take eight hours to be opened, so they can encourage better before you go to sleep. Once you wake up, you can open it once again and select a new one. During the day you can then focus on the silver that only last three hours. Because you can leave open only one box in Clash Royale same time, the strategic plan it is very important.

2. Collect every 24 hours ten crowns

The top of the overview screen Clash Royale you’ll see the Crown Chest. This box opens only if you manage to collect ten crowns, though this happy very easily. Every time you destroy a tower of an opponent, you get namely all a crown. Maximum you can earn so three crowns per bottle. Keep in mind that you can only open a Crown Chest per 24 hours.

3. Open free treasuries every four hours

Besides the Crown Chest is also a block where the free boxes in it. Every four hours here appears a box that you can open completely for free. This box can be up to two boxes at a time, so it is recommended that you open it here at least every eight hours. Fortunately, this has already happened in a few seconds: start Clash Royale, tap the block with ‘Free Chest’ and you can immediately begin to open.

4. Use only gems to unlock chests

The green gems you earn, you can use to buy new boxes. Handy if you want to quickly get a rare case, but it also fills one of your precious casket-places. Sensible is to use your gems to accelerate the opening of chests. Although you Clash Royale begins with a small supply of green stones via clash royale glitch, you will soon notice that you do not deserve so fast this long. So go frugal with it. A quick way to get some gems to earn the achievements in the game, which you can find at the rightmost tab.

5. The better you rank, the better the cards in the coffin

What Clash Royale does not let know that the rewards in cases related to your grade. The higher the arena is where you play and the level, the better the cards and rewards are appearing out of a coffin. Over time, you will then find that you always get better rewards, all you need for it to play a lot. And that is exactly what do the creators of this addictive game. Keep playing therefore seems to be the most valuable tip to as many boxes to play freely.

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