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United States: At 6 years, it circumvents the security of the Touch ID!

Sometimes a 6-year-old kid is smarter than an adult. Take the example of Ashlynd Howell. This 6-year-old girl took advantage of the fact that her mom slept on the couch to steal her iPhone and put her mother’s thumb on the Touch ID to unlock the smartphone in question. Once she had access to the contents of this iPhone, it was the happiness for Ashlynd because she ordered several articles on Pokemon theme on Amazon and all that cost the sum of 250 dollars, that is 239 euros.

When Bethany Howell resurfaced after her nap, she was surprised to see that she had lost 250 dollars (239 euros). She realized it after a series of 13 confirmations of orders. After a moment of reflection, Ashlynd’s mom realized that it was none other than her daughter who had passed these orders. Bethany was subsequently able to claim reimbursement for four of the total orders.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn was thrilled to tell her mom that she actually placed these orders alone as a big one and that’s not all, the six-year-old daughter was very happy and proud by telling her mom that All she had ordered was to arrive directly at the house. You might tell yourself that a biometric reader could protect you from identity theft without your knowledge, but you should never underestimate the spirit of a child. The evidence did not prevent this little girl from using her mother’s iPhone and placing orders for Pokemon items (such as a teen or an adult).

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